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Jane and I settled in Austin February 1988 after my retirement from CIT. After so many years where both she and I worked we just enjoyed being together and living in the central Texas hill country.

Jane had been fighting cancer since early 1989. She had several major surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Fortunately, for the majority of this time (and due to her plucky spirit), her life style was not too adversely affected and she was able to engage in her favorite activities — puttering around the kitchen and cooking.

We did not do much traveling except for visiting Las Vegas every year or so, which Jane loved. (See our photo in Vegas in the photo album.)

During the last month or so of her life, the cancer started getting the better of her and she became progressively weaker. She died peacefully in her sleep at home on May 16, 2000.

Our son Doug had come down for Mother’s day, and he got to visit with her for three days before her death.

Jane’s ashes were laid to rest in the beautiful Columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington Virginia, where I will join her when my time comes.

Doug and daughter-in-law Anita live in Arlington, VA. We talk several times a week and Doug and I exchange E-Mail. We enjoy arguing politics as Doug and Anita are staunch Conservatives and I am a typical Austin Liberal, although Doug is hard at work trying to convert me. Doug and Anita were partners in their law firm, Welty & Blair. When Anita was appointed to the Navy Department she retired from the firm and it has been renamed C. Douglas Welty, P.C.  On August 15, 2001 Anita was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and in January 2008 was appointed acting Assistant Secretary (Manpower and Reserve Affairs).  This job ended on January 20, 2009 with the incoming new administration. After which she  held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources / Chief Human Capital Officer at US Department of the Treasury.  On June 13, 2017 the Secretary of Defense announced that Anita had been selected for appointment to the Senior Executive Service and would be assigned as deputy assistant secretary of defense for civilian personnel policy.

Since Jane’s death I have been working as a volunteer for the Age Computer Lab. Our mission is: “We connect the wisdom of seniors with the wonders of the net and technology. We provide, at minimal cost, computer literacy to any adult with an interest in learning.”  This keeps me fairly busy. I rewrote and updated one of our core courses “Introduction to Using Your Computer”. Later I rewrote it for Vista.

I have joined a “third age” continuing education group at University of Texas — UT Quest. This is a group of about 350 people who meet for lectures and seminars on a WIDE VARIETY of subjects. Lots of fun and very interesting. This is one of five similar groups which are sponsored by UT.

I have also ventured into public speaking. Beginning in 2003 I developed a series of lectures about pop music from the 20s, 30s and early 40s – the music that I listened to when I was growing up. They combine playing music and describing the times and musicians. I have given the lectures to the third age groups at UT as well as to other local organizations, and continue to receive requests from new organizations to give one of the lectures. The reception has been gratifying. For a description of the lectures click LECTURES.  I also prepared a 6 session seminar on “The Changing Sound of Popular Music – 1910 to 1950”, which I have presented three times.

In the summer of 2003 I visited Doug and Anita in Arlington for a few days — enjoyed seeing them. Anita had Doug and I to lunch in the Secretary’s dining room at the Pentagon — quite an experience. While we were there Anita took us on a tour of the halls to see the many paintings and exhibits relating to the various services, their people and engagements. A beautiful chapel and memorial has been built at the point of impact of the 9/11/2001 plane attack on the Pentagon.

Doug usually visits me at some time each summer and his visits are much enjoyed by me. In addition, he helps me with several home improvement projects. Cheaper than hiring a repairman!




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