A Personal Collection of Charles (Chuck) Welty

This is a group of quotations that I have been gathering for over 60 years. The collection started during WW II when I came across a book edited by Alexander Woollcott titled “As You Were“‘ published in 1943. It was a collection of prose and poetry that he thought would appeal to service people. The book was hard-bound, but was small enough to fit in a uniform pocket. I still have it.

A number of folks visit this page each month. The favorite quotations of the visitors are:

Winston Churchill

Grantland Rice

William B. Travis

Will Rogers

I don’t have any best favorite but I urge you to check out John W. Thomason and Ned Jordan. If you enjoy sports, check Grantland Rice, John Updike and Franklin P. Adams. For a perspective on World War II, check Ernie Pyle and Eugene Sledge.  For the favorite poem of aviators see John G. Magee, Jr.

Until recently, I couldn’t find any quotes from females that I thought fit into this collection. I’ve added a quote from Abigail Adams, suggested by a friend. I’m open to other suggestions.

To see a complete list of Authors I have quoted, click on “Authors” in the drop down menu below “Quotations” near the top of this page.



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