Favorite Photos

A few favorite family (and pets) photos




Jane and I at Las Vegas. Sorry, but Jane really didn’t hit that big jackpot. This was a computer generated photo. Jane’s favorite game was Video Poker. She did hit a Royal Flush once — and it was on her birthday!





Our super daughter-in-law and son Anita and Doug. They live in Arlington, Virginia. They were partners in their law firm Welty and Blair. Since Anita’s appointment to the Department of the Navy she has retired from the firm and it has been renamed C. Douglas Welty, P.C.

On August 15, 2001 Anita was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy and in January 2008 was advanced to acting Assistant Secretary (Manpower and Reserve Affairs). This job ended January 20, 2009 with the new administration. Next she held the position of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources / Chief Human Capital Officer at US Department of the Treasury. Currently she  is Deputy Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy.


Anita and Doug’s new Jack Russell puppy – Cipo.








Anita and Doug at the 2005 “Black Tie And Boots” Inauguration Ball.

Aren’t they a handsome couple?





Yours truly giving a lecture to a continuing education group at University of Texas. For more information on my speaking ventures, see “What’s Going On”, above.





A recent picture Doug had taken to use on his web site and for any publicity use. By Bachrach.



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