Abigail AdamsHer Wisdom  Ned JordanFamous ad for Jordan Playboy
Franklin P. AdamsFamous double play trio John G. Magee, Jr.Favorite poem of pilots

Don MarquisArchy & Mehitabel

 Stephen Vincent BenetHow Stands the Union? Ogden NashTwo famous poems
 John C. BossidyFamous toast  O HenryI Have Nothing to Say
 Glett BurgessPurple Cow  Thomas PaineThese are the times . . . .
 Winston ChurchillWe shall never surrender! Listen to the speech.  Ernie PyleA walk on the beach after D-Day
 e e cummings etcetera  Grantland RiceThe Four Horsemen
 Clarence Darrowthought from famous defence attorney  Will RogersMany famous sayings. Listen to Rogers give a talk
Clarence Day – Farewell, my friends  Alan SeegerFamous WW I poem
 Arthur GuitermanDeath and General Putnam  Paul SimonA poet in song
 Bret HartePlain Language from Truthful James   Eugene SledgeA foxhole on Okinawa
 Elbert HubbardA Message to Garcia  John W ThomasonWritings from a Texas Marine
 Leigh HuntJenny Kissed Me  Willaim Barrett Travis and the Alamo
 John UpdikeHub Fans Bid Kid AdieuE. B. White – A profound observation about dogs


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