Some comments about my experiences with web sites.  In case you have little interest in such technical stuff, feel free to skip this page.

All web sites are created with a programming language called HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).  The language is pretty complex and hard to learn, which is why professional web designers usually get big bucks.

However, through the years various programs have been developed that enabled a user to create a web site with little or know knowledge of HTML or what was going on under the hood.

A number of years ago I used a program offered by Microsoft called FrontPage to develop my first web site.  I thought it was a very good program for the novice.  However, a few years ago Microsoft stopped offering or supporting the program.  I was able to get along for a while, but recently it became evident that I would would have to shift to another program.

Still being a novice in the use of HTML, I needed another program that would enable the unsophisticated user to develop a website.  My knowledgeable son recommended a program called WordPress.  WordPress was originally designed to help bloggers set up a site.  However it became evident that it was also an excellent program for those who wanted a conventional web site.  Ordinary users such as I could use it — however it has also been used by a number of large corporations to design their sites.   And I should mention — it is free!

So I recently rewrote my web site using WordPress — with some improvements from my original site.  That is the site you are now looking at.  No doubt I’ll continue tweaking it.

So, enjoy!

Chuck Welty

June, 2012

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